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when was the last time this happened and the bay area reacts to the pope's decision. plus the reward money has now reached six figures in desperate search for the former lapd accused of a killing spree. good morning. no rain this week. there will be warmer temps. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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pope announces his resignation this morning. we'll tell you why parishers did not see it coming. record breaking reward now. the man hunt for a former police officer why the mayor of los angeles says that reward money is urgently needed. we are live in los gatos where a meeting tonight about gun control and gun store is expected to get heated. we will tell you about the latest concern that involves death threats. bad weather all across the country. how bay area travelers are being effected. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. welcome to a brand new day it is monday, february 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us.
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let's check with steve paulson. i haven't been up skiing yet. it feels like the winter is done. >> don't say that. >> i hope not. >> maybe another month and a half here. this week and the rest of the month not looking promising for any rain. it looks better for sunshine and warmer temps. that means temperatures will warm up today. here is sal. good morning. if you are driving on 80 westbound, it looks pretty good. it's getting a lot more crowded. noticeably more crowded. also this morning we are looking at the toll plaza. you can see some of the lanes are already crowded. they are just about to turn on the metering lights and we are getting in for a jam packed monday start. it is 6:01 let's go back to the desk. we begin with our breaking news. leader of the roman catholic church resigning. the first pope to do so in nearly 600 years. ktvu tara moriarty joins us from san francisco with more on the stunning announcement that was made hours ago. tara. >> reporter: we are hear at st.
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mary's cathedral. this is where parishioners will be coming in for morning has at 6:45. most of them probably did not see this coming. this resignation. vatican insiders perhaps did. now the pope has been ailing for years now. he's reported heart trouble. one of the biggest clues may have been just prior to his election as pope. pope benedict hoped to retire then and spend more time writing. he is a highly regarded scholar in theology. the retirement age for bishops is 75 and he submitted his resignation three times. the only reason he stayed at his post is because of pope john paul ii. he said quote strength of mind and body are necessary. strength which in the past few months has deteriorated. that i've had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted me. the 85-year-old's last day of pope will be february 28th. and the last time a pope
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resigned was nearly 600 years ago in 1415 when pope gregory stepped down. pope benedict was born in 1927 as joseph in germany. he was forced into hitlers youth at age 14. he served in the army but desserted and eventually captured by the americans. his decision sets the stage for a new pope to be elected before the end of march. and coming up later this morning. we hope to get reaction from the that catholic community especially in the light of the fact that ash wednesday is coming up in two days. and of course it's the most spiritual time of the year for catholics leading up to easter. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. over night news a crash in concord leaves one man with life threatening injuries. he was walking across clayton road near bailey road about 6:15 last night when a car hit him. investigators say the 52-year-
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old man was not in the crosswalk at the time. he was later rushed to john mere medical center. now the police say they know who hit him and the investigation goes on. a debate over gun sales leads to death threats. ktvu janine de la vega live now to tell us what is expected to be a very emotional town meeting tonight in los gatos. >> reporter: dave, people are passionate about this issue of gun control and this gun store. now here is a sampling of some of the e-mails that people wrote into the town council after last weeks meeting but one person took it too far and made a death threat against the gun store owner here. now the attorney for templar sports says his client the stores owner robert chang received a death threat at his home after last weeks town council meeting. he said san jose police are investigating. his concern about chang and the
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other two inners. according to los gatos website the meeting will go on tonight to allow people to voice their opinions on templar sports and the sale of firearms in los gatos. this is what one resident had to say. >> i am interested what people will say. i think people have realize this is a free country and gun shop is allowed here. he's got permits. he's done all the legal stuff to get it. i think it's ridiculous that someone wants to kill the owner of a gun shop. it came with killing doctors and nurses who work at abortion clinics. i think it's crazy. >> the town is waiting to see if it will tighten its policy on gun stores and whether or not it will continue permits. now it opportunity appear that any policy that the town of los gatos makes will impact templar sports. it will only effect it if the
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store decides to expand and effect any future gun store operators in los gatos. coming up later we plan to talk to more people about their opinions and reach out to templar sports attorney to get their reaction on the fact that this meeting is still going on tonight. reporting live from los gatos janine de la vega. also this morning the man hunt continues for the former los angeles police officer wanted for murder. city leaders have announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of christopher dorner. it's the largest award for a man hunt. the mayor of los angeles calls this a case for domestic terrorism. we'll have more coming up at 6:15. today mississippi's governor will tour the damage left behind by destructive tornado that injured more than a dozen people. it touched down in hattiesburg yesterday. damaging businesses and homes. a state of emergency was declared on campus at the
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university of southern mississippi where the tornado damaged a number of buildings. >> it was just like you hear tornado described. it was very, very quick. the buildings are shaking. >> the storms threat is gone and now the cleanup begins. the school district has canceled classes because of the storm dang. time now 6:07. the effects of that deadly blizzard in the northeast is still being effect this morning. some people are getting back to work or going to school this morning. and some highways have reopened. electricity is back on for hundreds of thousands of people. but still 90% of two towns in massachusetts don't have electricity. and at least 12 deaths are blamed on the storm in new england. things are slowly getting back to normal? san francisco after a weekend filled with flight cancellations flamed on that northeast storm. dozens of flights were canceled
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friday and saturday as airports on the east coast shut down because of blizzard conditions. that left a lot of passengers stranded. all the major airports have reopened of that big storm. 6:08 is the time. sal is going to take us down to san jose to check in on the commute. >> yes. i do know the way to san jose. it's looking good. good morning. for those of a certain age. 280 that traffic looks good. i think the drive times in san jose a lagging everybody else which is perfect. that means you have an extra few minutes before it gets thick. unfortunately it's not the same way everywhere. we have drive times that are getting a little bit more solid here on the commute. southbound 101 between 380 are getting a little crowded. if you are daveing on the nimitz freeway or seeing slow traffic also coming in from altamont pass. let's go to the bay bridge toll
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plaza you can see we haven't turned the metering lights on yet. traffic is backed up to the over crossing. they should turn those. lots of sunshine today. breezy to mild. we are getting an offshore breeze. more the same tomorrow. and there is pretty good windchills. livermore and santa rosa reporting windchills in the 20s. it's cold for some but a dry forecast this week. you get a good look at that offshore right there. everything going off the coast. that means temperatures anywhere from 30s almost upper 20s to near 50. that 50 is half-moon bay with an offshore breeze. santa rosa 31. that puts their windchill 27. and livermore 26 with an east wind. you can see some of the north wind at napa 8. fairfield north. northeast at oakland. gives you an idea of what is going on.
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temperatures once they get going will warm up. the warmest temps will be coast and bay or santa rosa which benefits from that north wind. sunny and breezy today. a cold, cold morning. 50s and 60s. low to mid. in fact, this may be the coolest day of the week. we will see warmer temps kick in on tuesday and carry us right probably into friday. pretty good fine line here. each day temps will be warming up here. high pressure sets in on the west coast. over all it looks like a quiet pattern. time now 6:10. bracing for a doctor shortage here in california. what is causing the problem and the controversial plan to deal with it. barry bonds heads back to court this week. what the former giant needs to get his felony conviction overturned. what we are hearing about two cruise ship accidents. one of them leaving thousands of passengers stranded at sea.
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time now 6:13. at least five people have been killed in a cruise ship accident. officials say a lifeboat from a thompson cruise ship fell into the ocean during a safety drill killing five crew members and injuring three others. 1400 passengers were on board at the time of that accident. no passengers were hurt. more than 4,000 people are stranded on a cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard has been in contact with the crew of the
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carnival triumph. it's stuck more than 470 miles south of galveston texas. the ship has been running on generator power after there was a fire in the engine room but it doesn't have enough power to get to port. the ship will be towed to mexico and travel arrangements will be made for those passengers. we turn to our continuing coverage of the man hunt for the former los angeles police officer wanted for murder. reporter hal joins us from los angeles with word of a record breaking reward. good morning, hal. >> reporter: hey pam. this week is really starting off the way last week ended with the search continuing for christopher dorner. the big difference as you mentioned is this big reward. it's $1 million reward. unprecedented. a million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of christopher dorner. here's the l.a. mayor. >> we will not tolerate anyone under mining the security, the tranquility of our
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neighborhoods and our communities. >> reporter: antonio who was just a week ago last night monica and her fiance keith lawrence were shot to death while sitting in their car. that set off a week of unbelievable turmoil in the city of los angeles. wednesday night excop christopher dorner who was fired from the lapd for making false statements was the man in the murder. an officer was shot and killed his partner was critically injured. this set off a number of sitings in the city of los angeles, in big bear. riverside county. people thinking they saw dorner yesterday at the lowe's hardware store in the san fernando valley. that store locked down for several hours with about a hundred customers inside waiting to get out. they are taking nothing for goned here in southern california. every lead is tracked down and
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every lead is followed. now this $1 million reward possibly somebody able to make a lot of money to help find christopher dorner. >> thank you for that live report in los angeles. meanwhile the search for dorner is centered in the snow covered mountains of big beer where his truck was found last week. search teams will soon use airborne drones to try to find him. and dorner will become the first drone target ever on u.s. soil. here in the bay area law enforcement agencies are still considering the use of domestic drones. it's still an issue that is sparking controversy. coming up at 6:25 a look at what we uncovered in a special ktvu news report and why unmanned aircraft may be flying in your neighborhood. time is 6:16. just about two hours from right now vice president joe biden will host a round table on gun control. he will do it in philadelphia with law enforcement officials.
6:19 am
as ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom talk about an assault weapons ban has people buying a record number of guns. >> reporter: not every background check results in a gun purchase but the number of background checks filed with the fbi suggest that gun sales skyrocketed over the last few months. take a look in november two million people applied for gun buy background checks. then december saw $t .7 million and last month 2.4 million tushed in firearm background checks. those numbers are the highest since the fbi started keeping track 15 years ago. president obama and vice president joe biden are crisscrossing the country getting input from lawmakers at the state and city levels as well as police. this morning mr. biden heads to philadelphia for a gun buy back attempt.
6:20 am
california senator dianne feinstein introduced a bill to ban assault weapons. that is not expected to pass congress. >> in the house it will be tougher. that is just the reality of it. >> reporter: now one police chief says 40% of gun sales are not subject to background checks. he compared that to letting 40% of passengers get on a plane without first passing through the security. more on on what is the vice president is expected to discuss today when i see you knick. time now 6:18 they could meet a doctor shortage. the l.a. times says 16 of california's 58 counties have the recommended amount of primary care doctors. in addition 30% of the states doctors are near retirement age. now to deal with the problem lawmakers are proposing giving more authority to physician assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.
6:21 am
however some of the doctors say that could put patients at risk. this week federal judges will hear barry bonds appeal of his conviction of felony obstruction of justice. the ninth circuit court of appeals will hear the case on wednesday. bonds needs at least two of the three judges to overturn his conviction. the former giant slugger was convicted in 2011 of misleading a federal jury. time now 6:19. sal, come on back. what is going on in contra costa county. >> it's getting a little busier there dave and pam. on highway 24 we will start with highway 4. you can see it's busy here but it is stop and go already from antioch as you dave to pitts burg. the bart system is is a good option because it is moving well. we haven't had any major delays reported by bart. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. they have turned the metering lights on. the drive time is 17, 18 minutes now if you're at the very end of the line getting into san francisco.
6:22 am
and this mornings commute is looking good on the peninsula. southbound 101 that continues to move well. a little bit busy on highway 1 from half-moon bay. otherwise we are off to a good start. steve, good friend he is on one of the morning shows. he says is it ever going to rain again? >> yes. >> when? >> 28th of february. >> really? >> yes, thank you. and i'm not just making that up. clear skies. some areas are cold. there is windchills in the 20. half-moon bay sitting at 50 degrees. you can see the direction right there sliding off the coast. everything comes from land to sea. our system we had last friday is down in the four can corn earns. it's sitting there. not moving very much. no rain this week. cold mornings but sunshine and warmer temps. in fact, think we will get into the 70s here. if not wednesday it looks like thursday and friday. you can see some of the lows. that 31 in santa rosa. combine that with a breeze and
6:23 am
livermore. there is the 50 at half-moon bay. month tore row is 39. a lot of 30s around. there is the easterly breeze. north wind at fairfield, vacaville. north wind at napa. there is a little bit of a component to a north wind at santa rosa. most locations are calm. there is enough of an offshore breeze. that makes it to the coast. it's a warmer pattern and northerly breeze or northeast breeze in place which means temperatures on the way up. yet the lows are still cold. sunny and breezy for most. cold morning. it will be slightly warmer. temps in the 60s now. mid 60s. warmer near the coast. sunshine and warmer weather. the only change will be a little cooler on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. misbehave on bart. you can be banned. the offenses that could get you kicked off and how bart is getting the word out.
6:24 am
they look good. we're going to take a look at the grammy's big winners. sting. including one from right here in the bay area. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes!
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. bart is holding the first of a series of community meetings
6:27 am
about a new law that would allow riders that commit certain offenses will be banned for a year. riders who are violent can be banned after one incident. the law is scheduled to go into effect in may. time is 6:25. the ktvu special report. we took a look at the controversy surrounding domestic drones in our country. last thursday seattle police abandoned the idea of using drones after a lot of public opposition. on thursday they will consider drones for their share of the department. some people are even building drones in their homes for personal use. but that is a lot of people concerned about privacy. the aclu has opposed unrericketted law enforcement drones and right now they are -- unrestricted law enforcement drones. justin timberlake returned to the stage at the grammy's
6:28 am
debuting his new single with the help of jz. [ music ] the group fun performed went on to take home rewards for new artist and song of the year we are young. album of the year went to mumford and sons. also taking home award kelly clarkson, adele, jay z and frank ocean. and the san francisco symphony won a grammy for best orchestra performance. the recording is a of a live concert of two pieces by bay area composer john adams. it is the 15th grammy for the san francisco symphony. 6:26 is the time. back over to sal. what are you checking? >> we are looking at the south bay this time pam and northbound 280 looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. you can tell it's more crowded
6:29 am
but still the traffic times are pretty normal. a little bit below normal which is good. traffic is getting more crudded but still a nice drive between pleasanton and san jose. let's go to steve. sal, thank you for for some it's cold. windchills in the 20s. coast and bay a little warmer. 40 to near 50 degrees for that offshore breeze. that means temperatures will be warming up. 50s and a few mid 60s. pam. thank you, stev coming up next an over night bomb shell from pope benedict why the leader is stepping down. how copper thieves are causing big problems for bay area drivers and the opening bell is about to ring. is the economy worse than analysts think? we'll be right back. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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welcome back to the opening bell the new york stock exchange there getting ready to ring that. they are ringing them already. they are along the beach in florida. hollywood florida. not to be confused with hollywood california. they are at a conference there. they got to take the opening bell outside. it looks like a pretty busy day. talk that people are more pest mystic about the economy than analysts think. it might not be doing as well as the analysts are saying. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. brand new day. it's monday, february 1st i'm d.c -- monday, february 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. >> if you didn't hear the pope is retiring. tara moriarty has more on this stunning announcement made just hours ago.
6:33 am
>> reporter: this is quite a shock to catholics everywhere. most of the time the pope will stay in office until they die. we are hear at st. mary's cathedral. perdition nevers are just starting to trickle in. most of them did not see this coming. however, a different story for perhaps vatican insiders. did warren joseph, pope benedict hoped to retire peacefully years ago. he said when he was elected pope at a certain point i parade please god do not do this to me. that there have also been reports of the popes ailing health for year news. he was a highly regarded theologian and hoped to write books during retirement. now in a meeting before the vatican cardinals today, he said quote, after having repeatedly examed my conscious before god, i have come to this certainty that my strength due
6:34 am
to an advanced age are no longer suited for an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry. the last day of pope will be february 28th 37 the last time a pope retired was 1916. pope benedict was force into hitlers youth at age 14. he served in the army but desserted and eventually captured by the americans. his decision today sets the stage for a new pope to be elected before the end of march. and in just a few minutes we will head in and try to talk to perdition nevers and see what -- parishioners and see what they feel about this in light of the holiday coming up. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. unanswered questions this morning about addedly shooting -- about a deadly shooting in
6:35 am
san jose. they found a body of a man that had been fatally shot. around the same time, another man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound. now investigators say he had been at the home on rhonda drive and the shooting may have been a botched murder suicide. >> we're just not concern the right now if this is attempted homicide with suicide or any other crimes that may be involved. >> the injured man is expected to survive. deputies say the shooting appears to be an isolated case and the community is not in danger. police in palo alto searching for the gunman who robbed a man in the parking lot of an apartment complex. take a look at this police sketch of the suspect. the victim had just parked in the carport of the complex when he was robbed. police describe the gunman of being in his late 20s or early 30s and wearing a gray track suit and hoody. if you have any information call the police.
6:36 am
copper thieves are complicating the commute for bay area drivers. ktvu alex savidge is in livermore this morning with a look at how bad this problem is and what is being done to address it. >> reporter: it's become a major issue across the bay area. thieves targeting these freeway metering lights. those that help to stagger the traffic. these lights have been out for the past couple of weeks. that is because copper thieves came in ander to out all the copper wire. the real problem is the price of copper has tripled in the past now years. cal tran says a total of 59 of their metering lights have been vandalized over the bay area in the past year. crews have only been able to fix 18 of them so far. it costs about $35,000 to replace one of those meters. thieves are ripping out copper
6:37 am
wires from stoplights and freeway signs. a few california law will increase the penalties for copper thieves and recycle hers who pay for that stolen metal. in the meantime folks like cal tran are trying to fight back themselves. they are taking certain measures to deter copper thieves. they are moving away from copper wire moving to aluminum wire. they are burying these boxes. lye this morning in liver her. time now 6:45. >> we are looking at it. it's getting busier. and in contra costa county not only highway 4 but highway 680 and there goes bart. bart star game with think. highway 4 is getting thicker here. nearby 680 slowing down to walnut creek own down to the
6:38 am
danville area in pockets of slow traffic. let's two to the toll plaza. that is backed up. the metering lights are on. drive time 22 minutes here. westbound before you make it on to the bridge itself. if you are driving on the peninsula the traffic does look good. heading down to the south bay. traffic in mountain view and 101 still looking okay. this might be your opportunity before it gets busy let's go to steve. clear skies. i love to say there is rain because we need it. weaver running out of -- we're running out of time. only santa rosa is holding on to 100% of normal for the season rainfall. san francisco has gone under that now. santa rosa will go under if not today than tomorrow. there is no rain in sight here. system we had on friday is hanging on. you can see the offshore direction. you can see how the clouds go from -- for others it's very mild.
6:39 am
no rain this week. cold mornings but a lot of sunshine. expect for patchy fog it will be sunny all week long and warmer. 70s on the high temps. maybe by wednesday if not wednesday thursday and friday. some of the temps with a windchill puts them in the 20s. other locations low 30s. i know fairfield has held up with a north wind. you can see some of the wind directions. livermore east at five. same for santa rosa and north wind. there is a little bit of a breeze and stronger in some of the higher elevations. once we get going it will translate into a sunny and warmer pattern. sunny and breezy. a very quiet pattern. it will be sunny side up here. 50s and 60s. probably a little warmer. antioch and brentwood. 60s low to a few mid on the peninsula. low 60s along the coast. upper 50s low 60s. sunshine oh plenty as we would
6:40 am
like to say. warmer weather. cooler on the weekend but still dry. time now 6:37. on the east coast people are cleaning up from that big storm that slammed the east coast over the weekend. at least nine people are known to have been killed after a record amount of snow. our reporter tori is live in boston to tell us about the challenges people are facing. >> reporter: it seems the challenges are driving. mobbed morning that means people are trying to get back to work. bad weather has pickedden again. we are seeing a mix of rain and sleet. kicking out and cleaning up neighborhoods that are buried in snow. rescuing cars stranded on highways. from pennsylvania to maine the blizzard that hit friday is still wreaking havoc.
6:41 am
whether trying to dig out a parking spot. this cleanup effort is a work out. heavy snow could get heavier. and more dangerous. particularly on roofs and on the roads. >> once that gets wet and once it freezes, that is the equivalent of a jerry barrier.
6:42 am
people just need to slow down. >> some have had enough of this winter blast. others are taking it in stride enjoying it while it lasts. but the big question today will be what is this sleet, rain, possibly ice on the roadways mean for travel? right now boston logan airport is open but many are wondering if we could see delays or cancellations. on top of that there is still lots of people without power. here in the state of massachusetts the latest numbers i have some 105,000 people waking up without electricity. >> that was tori live from boston. thank you. san francisco is investigating some city workers use their computers at work for online gambling or to view or down load porn. the city's public utilities commission says it's working with the city attorney to look into the claims. the city workers handbook says employees who use city resources inappropriately can be fired. using city computers to view or
6:43 am
distribute sexually explicit materials or gamble online are specifically mentioned as inappropriate. a teenager will be competing among american idol this week. that is youtube video of 18- year-old tori anna performing someone to watch over me. she didn't originally intend to audition for the show but employees at jazz club in napa loved her voice so much they contacted idol producers. now of course you can watch her perform on american idol this wednesday and thursday 8:00 p.m. right here on ktvu channel 2. >> she wasn't that bad. [ laughter ] >> definitely not. time now 6:41. texas governor rick perry is telling california businesses come on down to texas. how perry is trying to pull businesses away and where he will be this week. and we are live in kolb
6:44 am
cord where -- concord where police are looking for the person responsible for 60 tires being slashed over the weekend. we'll show you the areas effected coming up. if you are drying on interstate -- driving on interstate 80 it's getting crowded. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade"
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good morning.
6:47 am
temperatures today 30s, 40s, to near 50 degrees on the lows. they'll end up in the upper 50s to my to low 60s. here's a quick look add some of the top stories we are physical lowing for you. the pope is resigning. that stunning announcement from the vatican came just hours ago. pope benedict will step down at the ebb of this month. he is the first to resign in 600 years. also this morning that policeman hunt goes on for the former los angeles police officer wanted in the killings of three people. los angeles city leaders announce a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of christopher dorner. los gatos town council meeting is expected to be very heat the tonight during a debate about whether to restrict gun sales.
6:48 am
this comes after templar sports opened. the owner of that store says he's been getting death threats. tire shops in concord will be busy fixing cars vandalized over the weekend. 60 cars had their tires slashed. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us to explain what happened and what police are saying about this. brian. >> reporter: good morning. no question this is turning into a major problem here in concord. we are live here off the 1400 block of bel air drive. this is the the apartment complex where some cars were targeted. very nice apartment complex. we saw at least eight or nine cars with their tires slashed this morning. definitely not a good way to start the workweek. according to concord police the tire slashings happen sometime before 7:00 a.m. on sunday morning. that is when the first reports came in. as you mention at least 60 cars had the tire slashed. concord police say the vandals targeted parked cars on glacier drive, bel air drive.
6:49 am
it wasn't just one or two tires they say most of the cars had all four tires slashed. last april 37 cars had tires slashed. and on christmas eve four cars had tires slasheds at at an apartment complex also in concord. and there is another case on new years eve of last year. residents understandably fed up. as i take you out here live. the cars parked inside this gated area in here were not targeted. mainly the cars parked outside. no question this is turn into a major problem. coming up on mornings on 2, we will try to talk to some of the these neighbors. live in concord i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:47. rick berry begins a three-day tour of california today.
6:50 am
trying to convince businesses to move to texas. governor perry will be in san francisco, the silicon valley, los angeles and orange county. he is expected to meet with high-tech, financial, insurance, and movie industries. last week they say texas offers a friendlier business environment than california. tomorrow night president obama delivers his state of the union address. the white house says the main theme will be so-called pocketbook issues. policies to help the middle class. now after the state of the union address, president obama will go to three different communities explaning his proposals. the president will go to ashville, north carolina on wednesday. atlanta georgia on thursday. and chicago on friday. celebrations to mark the lunar new year are being held around the world. that's in china where buddhist monks tolled the bells.
6:51 am
more than 35,000 people have signed a petition asking president obama to make the start of the lunar new year a national holiday. billions of people worldwide support the lunar new year which is a time to return home to visit family. here in san francisco china town will celebrate the year of the snake a week from saturday with a chinese new year parade. the parade which is known for the elaborate floats and costumes dates back to the 1860s. it is considered the largest celebration outside of asia. and you can watch it with us right here on february 23rd. ktvu channel 2 starting at 6:00. we'll all be there. >> we will be there. time now 6:49. sal is here right now. if you are watching the roads what are you focused on? >> we're look agent the east -- we're looking at the east bay to start off. this is where the east bay turns into south bay. 237 it is slow as well. so it's kind of a typical
6:52 am
monday morning as we get slow here in the south bay. and also in the east bay southbound 880. let's talk about livermore valley. we have a lot of slow traffic coming in. big commute already. it gets better by the time you reach dublin. a lot of cars on that road. if you are driving into the fremont area the traffic there looks okay. across the bay the traffic continues to look good. and to the bay bridge toll plaza that is 25-30 minute delay. it's backed up all the way to the maze. 6:50 let's two to steve. sal, clear skies. southwest flight 750 from san jose to phoenix on time. on time. that is a real flight by the way. clear skies. 53 degrees right now. half-moon bay airport. pacifica is 62. some areas inland are in the upper 20s and low 30s because that east breeze. it will be sunny but breezy for come means warm. it's a dry forecast. norine in sight for us.
6:53 am
our system from friday is in the four corners. everything is going offshore. that means really nice weather. there is a north wind at fairfield. maybe a little toward antioch and stockton. there is that 50 near half-moon bay. livermore with 53. windchills in the upper 20s. a e east wind or northeast wind half-moon bay also over pacifica 52-degree. there is really mild temps around the bay. but once everything irons itself out, we get going, it will be sunny, breezy and mild to warm. slightly warmer for some. it will be a warmer forecast this entire week. 50s and 60s. temperatures probably the coolest day of the week will be today. temperatures will hit 70- degrees. high pressure settles in and says i'll hang out for the entire week. i'm sure there will be patchy fog but the overall trend is dry. apple being ordered to
6:54 am
appear before the australian parliament. they want to know why their citizens have to pay so much for iphones, ipads, and ipods. an ipad there sells for $500. here in the united states $540 there. microsoft has been ordered to appear for similar questions. we are taking a look at google stock. it is down $8 a share. about 1%. after regulatory filings reveal that chairman eric schnitt plans to sell nearly half of his google stock. that is more than three million shares. our time is 6:52. we've got to tell you what has happened. a very scary situation off a cliff. the accident that proved to be tough even for the first responders. plus baseball is back. at least in arizona. what the giants and a's are doing. for something like this for my family.
6:55 am
i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook.
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6:57 am
we have breaking news coming in from delaware. a man killed his estranged wife and two others at the courthouse. we are now hearing that gunman has been killed as well by police. again this happened at the new
6:58 am
castle county courthouse in delaware. wilmington, delaware. three people. a man has allegedly killed his estrange wife and two other people and the police have killed him. a breaking news story we'll bring you details coming up. in santa clara county mt. hamilton road has reopened now after this very difficult rescue of two car crash victims. their car ended up 150 feet down a ravine. right along highway 130. the driver was trapped with major injuries for two hours. the crews used ropes and pullies to get that person out. two people were rushed to trauma centers. they are expected to survive. one of the best known web hosting company is expanding in the bay area. go daddy opens its up its new silicon valley office. go daddy ceo blake will be here to talk about the plans and doubling the tech work force in
6:59 am
silicon valley. oakland a's pitchers and catchers report to spring training. their first work out will be tomorrow. the full squad returns on saturday. and fresh off their fan test over the weekend the 2012 world champion giants are heading to spring training in scottsdale as well. pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. the full squad on friday. san francisco's spring schedule begins on february 23rd against the angels. sal will tell you if your commute is in good shape. how is it? >> i think the toll plaza you know i woulsay 20 minutes at least 25 minutes if you're at the very end of the line. unless you are in the car pool lane. we'll be following that. kind of a thick one for a monday. also the traffic on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. 6:57 let's go to steve. clear skies. cold for some. windchills in the 20s for many

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